Myrtle's Plantation

Candice wanted to capture a creole style homestead in Louisiana's country. A statue of an angel stands ahead of the plantation, its history covered in mystery and old scary tales.

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Justice for Wobbles

Be the Voice. My sweet kitty, Wobbles, was killed at an animal shelter because he had cerebellar hypoplasia.  He was taken from our home, and in less than 3 hours he was euthanized without given the opportunity to see a vet.

We hope no animal parent has to go through this heartbreak and suffering.  If we can help ONE person's companion avoid this from every happening again- then we have accomplished our goal— to educate, reestablish compassion, and promote transparency between the shelter and the public.

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Majestic Sallier Oak

The artist wanted to create the most beautiful portrait that has ever been done of the Sallier Oak. This oak tree grows its twisty branches on the grounds of Imperial Calcasieu Museum in downtown Lake Charles, it is said to date back to 1645 at the latest, making it at least 375-years-old.

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Candice Alexander is a Louisiana artist who makes art that connects the world. Join the Alexander Art Studio Family!

Lake View Sunset

The Lake Charles boardwalk stretches alongside the lakefront providing a pleasant atmosphere for walkers, bikers and local residents. The artist captures a beautiful Lake Charles sunset illuminating the cities skyline. The iconic CM Tower (Calcasieu Marine National Bank) is captured in this installment along other well known Lake Charles buildings. A glass engraving of the CM Tower will accompany each purchase of the Lake View Sunset. 

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Three Pelican

"Three Pelicans" is a prominent design in Candice Alexander's Louisiana Collection. It is the perfect piece of art for the Louisiana outdoor or culture enthusiast.

The original painting was completed for a long time client. It was done in acrylic paints in a timeless and colorful palette.

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