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Candice Alexander Art

Love, 3rd Edition to Hurricane Laura, Limited Edition

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“Love” is the 3rd Limited Edition Painting in  the 2020 Commemorative Hurricane Series by Louisiana, Fleur De Lis Artist, Candice Alexander.

The focal point of this painting is the famous fleur de lis etching. Woven within the Fleur de Lis is the “Tree of Life” and “Full Circle”. All three elements were originally engravings created between 2005-2006 when Alexander spent her early professional years in Pennsylvania. Alexander recalls creating these pieces as SWLA was experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Rita.

The “Full Circle” signifies the spiritual evolution that our souls undergo as we are refined through trials. The “Tree of Life” signifies the roots we must plant in our values and truth so we can stay grounded on our journey. You will see that the tree roots lead to a book at the bottom center of the painting.

This book symbolizes, first, the important principles of faith, hope and love, all of which inspired this historic series. It is also meant to symbolize how history is being written as we strive to rebuild our community.

The book rests on the rocky ground drawn in from the 2nd painting in the series “Faith”. As “Faith” leads to love it begins our journey to healing. To the bottom right one can find a tree growing from the cracks signifying our ability to find beauty in the worst circumstances. Alexander painted the butterfly and dragonfly in the piece to represent our spiritual growth.

At the base of tree, one can find the words “love” and “lives”. During Thanksgiving, Alexander and her family created the word love with a collection of rocks they found while exploring in the mountains of Arkansas.

If one follows  dry ground to the bottom left of the painting, you will find the I-10 bridge, which signifies how we are bridging the gap from devastation to restoration.  Along the bridge, one can find the heartbeat as an overpass.

The bridge then morphs into piano keys which lead to the musician East Forest. Forest creates music that resonates deeply with the artist. “10 Laws” is a song that speaks to the bare necessities of survival, which were necessary for the citizens of SWLA after Hurricane Laura made the community nearly uninhabitable. The people learned to survive for the love of their family and community. The bridges leads to another tree rooted in love that emanates throughout the painting.

The artist has a deep affection for trees. The winds of the storm uprooted hundreds of historic trees, so the artist wanted to give them life again in this piece. To the left of the tree of love are the blue roofs. Driving through Southwest Louisiana, you couldn’t avoid noticing the significant damage to the homes.

Rising above the blue roofs are the American Flag and the Louisiana Flag, driving home the significance of our love for our country and our community. Regardless of what we suffer, our will to rise overcomes it all. To the left of the flag is a silhouette of a loving couple dancing on a tight rope.

During the most trying times, our hearts may be tested, but together we face the challenge and help each other move through the difficulties that lie ahead. There is a tear that drops from the tight rope calling attention to the pain we may face as we fight for our love.

The tight rope leads to a painting of the globe which rests upon the Fleur de Lis. This signifies the value of love for our families leading to love for all. Healing starts at home and ushers out into the world.

To the top right of the painting, you will find the artist’s rendition of the Michaelangelo “Creation of Adam” hands. God’s Hand leads to the artist’s hand. The artist’s brush is emanating with a sound wave expressing the idea that God spoke us into existence and upon His word we create our own reality. The idea is that we are all artists painting a new reality as we rebuild our lives. You will find the blood dripping from the paint brush which expresses the pain we use to bring life back to our world.

In the moonlight, you will find two children swinging from God’s hand. This references the love Christ had for children expressed in Mathew 19:14. Part of the proceeds for this piece will be donated to the SWLA Disaster Relief fund in order to give the children who lost everything gifts this Christmas season.

The shooting starts to the right of the hands represent the storms that have passed. They are a reminder that from death, we can find life. Within the background, the painting is set in the night sky. The stars and the paintbrush were created in an original painting that Alexander did years ago. She wanted to reference her early work as it has come full circle in her current paintings.

Upon the horizon, you will see the Capitol One building or the CM tower. It is a significant symbol of the destruction the city faced. This image was created by Michael Vandyke.

Lastly, there are many other spiritually significant elements in the painting. Such as the Sacred Heart at the base of the Fleur de Lis right above the Lilly. The lily signifies our trust in the Lord as referenced in Mathew 6:28, “And why are you anxious… Consider the lilies of the field.” This is a reminder to put our faith in God.

The entire piece is inspired by the love God has shown us as we rebuild our lives.


The poem to the top right is written by Paige Elliott Vidrine and reads:

Our faith has picked us up

And given us hope to rise

Creating something new 

With the Rubble left behind

The ground shook beneath our feet

And brought us to our knees

The strength it took to rise

Is truly beyond belief

We will bridge the gap that's left

Filled by the Spirit from above

Guided by our truth

And driven by your Love


The Southwest Louisiana Disaster Relief Fund and their President Michael Boyer have announced a huge Christmas event in Lake Charles on December 20th to Help folks for the holidays. Their Hope during this event is to give out a toy to every Southwest Louisiana child who is in need this holiday season. A part of the "Love" proceeds will go to assist the Relief Fund to help bring joy to the children. 

Each signed print will come with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying that your edition number. This Certificate should be protected with the print to maintain the value for future reference. 

Your number is unique to you, and you will have the first option for protecting your number for future limited edition pieces.