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Candice Alexander Art

Mountain Wild Flowers

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Mountain wild flowers.

Outdoor, on site- using minimal supplies.

At 9:30 am my friend and I set up mini studio materials and created on site in the village of Arroyo Seco. Behind the SnowMansion Taos Adventure Lodge & Hostel Amu DuncanMuna PeacefulEarth. In the lovely gardens in the back field.

Back in 2003 I found myself so enchanted with this place, the people, the land, and the creatures that thrive on a fair four seasons- that I stayed a while.

This morning that pollinators were out much earlier than us, and as we began the painting, some of the flowers started to close back up.

It’s such an inspirational process to witness nature changing right before your eyes as you document its beauty.

Here is the original and how it will come framed.
Watercolor on 300 lb weight paper, using indigenous material found on site.