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Candice Alexander Art

The Awakening, a new perspective

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Within the past few months I’ve found myself doing meditations.

I’ve discovered a resonance in the peace.  A calm in the storms.  A connection with spirit and god and self.

 I wasn’t really aware of frequencies and sound therapy until recently. Meditation wasn’t something I really dove into except the last few months.
After the Hurricane life changed, became chaos then still.  So still. So different.

Not only did a storm ravage the town, but a storm ravaged my heart.  Like everything ripped away.

Even music was something I almost forgot existed.  Which is odd Bc I’m always listening to sound.  Sometimes I hear the frequencies randomly.  I create art Bc it’s my way of survival. 

I’ve somewhat forced my brain to slow down lately. in a way, to relax. Something I’ve rarely done.

This is a piece I created when I awakened one day from a peaceful state.  A meditation.  I was underwater. A foreign flash of water, bubbles, blue and I woke up.

I wasn’t drowning.  Or was I in the chaos I assumed was peace.

I listened to this while I painted.  East Forest, Ten Laws.

If you purchase this piece, please be patient as we rebuild from a Hurricane that ripped our city apart. 

All prints come signed, dated, and embellished. 

Wanna know more?!  Text the number  313131 with the subject CANDICE