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Candice Alexander Art

Sallier Oak Laser Engraving "One of a Kind"

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Sallier Oak Wood Engraving

20"x24" on Louisiana Sabine River Sinker Cypress.

This oak tree grows its twisty branches on the grounds of Imperial Calcasieu Museum in downtown Lake Charles. It is said to date back to 1645 at the latest, making it at least 375-years-old. When Hurricane Laura made landfall in Lake Charles, Louisiana, it unleashed destruction all around.
But there was one thing it could not destroy: The Sallier Oak.

The unique piece of wood on which this piece is carved was pulled up from the bottom of the Sabine River and is nearly 1000 years old!

Sallier Oak engraving on Cypress tree.
Each engraving is one of a kind.