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Candice Alexander Art

Rise, 4th Edition to Hurricane Laura, Limited Edition

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The fourth piece of the Hurricane Series,  “Rise” marks the two year anniversary of Hurricane Laura.  It symbolizes a combination of the first three pieces in the series, "Hope", "Faith", "Love" and is based on a sketch Alexander started to create in 2021. All four pieces are intertwined and reveal the ebb and flow of life. How we, as individuals and a community, experience each of life’s circumstances. 

The center of the piece is a Mother Pelican feeding her young that symbolizes the Eucharist - the love and faith of sacrifice. The body of the Pelican is shaped in a Fleur De Lis which is an iconic symbol of Louisiana and is rooted in our history since the State’s inception in 1812.
As a result, the fourth in the series represents every part of Louisiana: North, to Toledo Bend where Candice has recently found her latest inspiration in nature as part of her “Landscape Series”. This collection reflects and reaches the entire beauty of our state. The lines of the Louisiana map in the fourth series represent all the areas that have been affected by storms. Emphasizing the “Rise” of our community as a result of the devastation, especially in Southwest Louisiana, being affected by Hurricane Laura. 

The design is “rooted” in the Historic Sallier Oak which, since biblical times, has long been associated with wisdom, longevity and strength. This beautiful, strong tree has withstood many storms to present day and represents the resilience of our Southwest Louisiana community. The male and female cardinals, hidden in its branches are to remember the “humanness” of victory over sorrow and the courage to move forward. They cardinals remind us that our loved one’s are with us… in spirit and console our sorrow in the face of adversity. 

Even the smallest components are incorporated into to the theme of the fourth piece: The butterflies represent metamorphosis, the bees signify hard work and commitment, the fish that represent the biblical cycle of life and its abundance, the red heart in the map that shows the love we share of where live and that we are still beating strong,  even in the face of astounding adversity, the I-10 bridge that is the focus of restoration because it connects our cities and states and is the gateway to future progress our area, homes and landmarks that were once damaged, with thousands of pieces of broken glass are still standing tall and evolving into new homesteads and businesses. All these natural and human elements looking forward to working and thriving in Southwest Louisiana. 

And, peering over the American Flag, signifying the areas finest wildlife is the Louisiana alligator. It excites and intrigues the locals and visitors from all parts of the US. The blue gator is intwined with the keyboard signifying the music that connects locals from all walks of life and brings happiness. But the music also consoles and provides spiritual inspiration to us all in the “Symphony” we call Life.