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Candice Alexander Art

Original Fleur De Lis

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"The Original Fleur De Lis" Candice Alexander Design is the original art piece that shot Alexander to fame; it features a neutral background and central fleur with whimsical flowing petals and crosshatched shading. 

"In 2006, while living in New York and Pennsylvania, a woman commissioned me to design a simple Fleur De Lis copper engraving. She wanted to purchase the original copper plate and 12 prints for Christmas. She never picked up her $300 order, which was exactly the amount I needed for rent. 

In the Lafayette Mall in December 2007, I sold the original 12 prints and nearly 200 black and white prints of the engraved plate. Thus began my journey into the "Fleur De Lis - Worlds Within" series...all thanks to a commission gone bad."

-Candice Alexander

Electrocuted or Louisiana Cypress frames available. 

This design is customizable and available on any size canvas or print, signed by the artist.