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Candice Alexander Art Studio

Majestic Sallier Oak (Original)

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Size of Original: 18x36 in.

When Hurricane Laura made landfall in Lake Charles, Louisiana, it unleashed destruction all around. But there was one thing it could not destroy: The Sallier Oak. This oak tree grows its twisty branches on the grounds of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in downtown Lake Charles, is said to date back to 1645 at the latest, making it at least 375-years-old. 

The artist wanted to create the most beautiful portrait that has ever been done of the Sallier Oak.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more proud and excited about a piece…
This pen and ink drawing -since the seed of its idea of a creation - 2 days ago -reminds me of solid friendship. Solid growth. What we should try to see and appreciate in each other and in nature. The very reason I made it. It reminds me of the attention to details I use to do in my early drawings as a kid. It reminds me of alot, really.
The roots so deep that they nearly connect on levels and many worlds and words within. The specimens and nature she holds inside through its crevices to its microscopic life , It reminds me of symbiotic love. Humble to its own beauty, yet adapting to the change of Seasons. It’s hard to put into words what it really means. So here it is- through the details and the words hidden in the leaves…I’ll call those the hidden roots.
There is, so far, still an eagerness to finish this piece that may already be complete- so symbolic of something always growing. Self sustaining. A reflection of hope, faith and love. Like the hurricane series and experiences- Through storms and hardships- she still stands and reminds us.
A relationship…Closer to being alive and grateful for the oxygen and energy that fuels us through spirit.
Here’s my first version of a few more to come- of the Sallier Oak tree. I thought about doing a version of what the perspective may look like underground. It’s roots.
A tree, one of many - that every living human today has coexisted with. A reminder of the magnificent beauty that reminds us…of us.
Sharpie s-gel. .05 tip.