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Candice Alexander Art Studio

Hummingbird Study - Limited Edition of 200

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The next edition to Candice Alexander's nature series is Hummingbird Study!

This week marks our 12 year anniversary of our Downtown Lake Charles location.

Looking back at where it all started for me Downtown 12 years ago, the Hummingbird reminds me to live in the present even though it’s important to honor the past.

I’ve decided to release this new piece in honor of the faith and hope God promises us in life.

This design was done with ball point pen and ink and watercolor. Each piece comes signed and numbered by the Artist. Limited edition of 200.

The hummingbird represents the divine attributes of infinity, continuity, and eternity. The biblical meaning of the hummingbird also represents faith and hope. We are reminded to stay still, live in the present, and stop dwelling on the past and needlessly dreaming about the future.