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Candice Alexander Art Studio

Full Circle

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And with the brush in my hand... 

...the beginning a new creation- "Full Circle" - The Painting... a message I hear... translated through me... yes, that little voice... I hear and I listen - and I stop painting to write, to document... as I still create, now on paper...

... Its not about being a good or bad artist... its simply about Creating, giving back... those gifts from that which are Eternal... through the creation. 

We are all good artists, and all SHALL BE good artists... "the message" is to just DO the work... just make something... make anything, draw a line, write with your other hand, create a walk, write, make a curtain... create... play, create your idea, your message, add your color to the universe, and the universe will see your creation and respond to all that you do with beautiful gifts you have been given.  Suddenly, with all that, magic begins to happen, gifts, blessings, prayers answered,  you want more and more, and you begin to float. 

Float... you realize you are in a daydream state, but totally aware and conscious... and you know you jus know, with faith all things begin and end and begin again and again... in FULL CIRCLE! And to see "the big time magic", create something, and give it away... give away the time, that moment, which has been given to you, the creation through you. you become immortal, eternal, and you change and with change, you are thrown into the Now... and THAT, my friend, is amazing and for YOU!!

~A message, and a brief moment during the Creation... 

~Candice Alexander~