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Candice Alexander Art

Faith, 2nd Edition to Hurricane Laura, Limited Edition

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Faith, 2nd Edition to Hurricane Laura - Limited Edition of 100, with Artist Proofs

 All pieces will come embellished with sand that was used to carved the words "Faith" in the piece, from the Gulf of Mexico. 

All the frames are made from reclaimed cypress from the Hurricanes.   Each will be signed Artist Proof, or the number in the edition.

There is one original hand painted piece for sale. The price also includes the frame. 

Faith Commemorative Piece 

In this timeless piece of art, Candice Alexander took inspiration, yet again, from Pieter Bruegel’s famous “The Procession to Calvary” painting. Her vision was to create worlds within one composition, something she has mastered over her professional art career, similar to the famous Renaissance artist. 

As an artist, Alexander was compelled to create a prophetic statement with her work. Faith was born. 

The focal point of the painting is her famous Fleur de Lis draped in a red cloak. In the center of the Fleur de Lis is The Sacred Heart. Look even closer and you will see a bee at the center. The perspective draws you in continuously and the symbolism speaks to the heart of the people.

The red cloak symbolizes the return of The Savior. In Revelation 19, John describes Christ returning in a blood drenched cloak. The traditional meaning of The Sacred Heart is God’s love for all of humanity. The bee symbolizes community and personal power. The bee also has ancient ties to the Fleur de Lis, bringing the focal point of the piece to a full circle of meaning.

The Fleur de Lis is symbolically being held up by the hands of the crucified Savior. There is a tear and a drop of blood. He bleeds for us and He cries for us. 

The focal point is also anchored down by the State of Louisiana. The artist spoke not just of anchoring in tradition but also of the actual state of the people in Louisiana. Standing on the outline of Louisiana are a number of people holding hands symbolizing community and the sacrifices our local leadership made throughout the journey. 

Just below the Fleur de Lis is a path surrounded by water. Exodus 14:21 describes the story of Moses parting the sea through his faith. Alexander wanted to correlate that traditional story of faith with that of the people of Southwest Louisiana. Each wall of the storm represents Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta.

The path in between is the long road ahead for the citizens affected by the storms. The person at the end of the road is lifting his hands in praise as he walks by faith through the valley. 

At the forefront of the path is the word, Louisiana. One will notice the size of the U. S. A in it. Alexander wanted to draw a perspective for the entire country to regain its faith through the troubling times of 2020. 

Next to “Louisiana” are a crawfish in its home and a blue crab. Each Louisiana animal is praising as described in Psalm 148. 

Rising further up the painting to the left, you will find the tail of the Hurricane that was in the first commemorative piece by Alexander. 

In the same way, the Tree of Life or Sallier Oak is connecting the two pieces. The roots turn into the water, connecting the waves and into the sand. The artist used different styles of painting representing the shifts in her emotional state throughout the building of the piece. 

The tree hides many animals that draw sacred meaning into the world within this piece. Alexander evacuated East for Hurricane Delta and found herself in the coastal community of Ocean Springs. There she sought to find inspiration for Faith in the woods and water. Many spirit animals appeared to her throughout her journey. 

The manatee symbolism reminds us that it is time to slow down and swim through your emotions.

The turtle similarly represents a time to slow down and reflect. It also symbolizes persistence, endurance and longevity. 

During the night, the artist was awoken by the sound of owls. Owls are a symbol of divine wisdom, regal silence and fierce intelligence. 

Alexander frequently encountered a peacock on the property she settled in. The peacock is the epitome of beauty. They teach a lesson of self love, honor, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges as well as the unknown with courage and confidence. 

The mockingbird reminds us to find our sacred song, recognize our gifts and use the knowledge we have gained to heal. 

Canadian geese are known for their bravery, loyalty, teamwork, confidence, protection and fellowship. 

Just above the Sallier Oak is a dawn of light being pulled in from the first piece by a hard working citizens connecting the line of people in “Hope”. This represents Hope drawing into our Faith to guide us forward. 

To the right the viewer will notice the American Flag flying as the skyline. Alexander wanted to draw into the idea that there is Hope to be found in our country even during such troubling times as the election is right around the corner. 

In the skyline there is a double rainbow, which was seen In SWLA after Hurricane Delta. It represents the promise of God in The Book of Genesis. 

Just below the skyline is the 210 Bridge. In the water you will see the famous pink dolphin, Pinky. 

As the water washes on the shore, footprints in the sand are washed away, representing new beginnings after hardship.

Below these is the word Faith that the team and Candice drew spontaneously in the sand as they realized they needed to build faith both figuratively and literally. 

Minutes later it washed away, but stayed present in their hearts. 

Lastly, the viewer is drawn back into the focal point of the Fleur de Lis to find even more worlds within. 

At the northern point, there is a woman praying at the cross. 

To the left wing, there is a man holding golden arches. This man represents local leaders, one of which fed over 5000 people a day after the storm.  Much like the miracle of feeding the 5000 told in the four gospels. With the help of local leaders the heart of the people were nourished. 

Most importantly, throughout the Fleur de Lis the viewer will find many people working tirelessly to rebuilt, all of which are connected by the web of Faith.