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Candice Alexander Art Studio

Engraved Wood Portraits

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Custom portraits engraved on wood.

Once your purchase is complete, please contact the artist with the portrait you wish to engrave. Send pictures to

Engraving images on wood is so exciting to me. Ive practiced intaglio printmaking and renaissance techniques, engravings and wood blocks, copper etchings…. I have always been fascinated though - with printing and the processes of transferring to the surface. The ideas and actually seeing it come to life. Like, I never dreamed I could have a life size etch a sketch working off of one’s and zeros.

I never imagined the technology and the old processes could somehow Magically melt together. How they can be so passionately combined.

I love when the image and the ideas just somehow seem to dance on the wood, like that part of the tree was always intentionally made for the piece.

The process is magical.