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Candice Alexander Art

Dragonfly & Flower

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"Dragonfly & Flower" painting was inspired by the COVID quarantine. During the time of isolation, Candice Alexander found herself searching for specimens at a bay in Mississippi. 

She found the perfect pieces of wood to begin a series of insect and animal paintings on wood blocks. She carried the inspiration home and has since created more than 5 original pieces in the series. 

The dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability and self realization. It often correlates to understanding or searching for the deeper meaning of life. The dragonfly's lifespan is very short. When one enters your presence, it is believed that they have chosen to be near you to communicate something. Many people believe that they come to remind you to be present in the moment. 

The deep symbolism resonates with the artist because of her love of nature, earth and insects. During the time of isolation, being present was of the utmost importance as she took time to allow her art to evolve from the canvas to a piece of the Earth. 

The Description Comes With Every Piece. 

Electrocuted or Louisiana Cypress frames available. 

This design is customizable and available on any size canvas or print, signed by the artist. 

Custom or Larger Sizes Available Upon Request: Contact or call 337-433-2299