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Candice Alexander Art


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The Sun, the Stars, and the Moon.

The Dandelion Study and Meaning…

The beautiful golden flowers and dandelions in bloom lately have inspired me to release this new piece. 
Dandelions represent a return of life and a rebirth after a changing season. 

For me this piece represents strength and power. You’ll notice I added hidden words near the roots and also in the piece: “You, you are the Sun, the stars and the Moon”. 

You will also notice on one of the leaves, the written words “wherever we are growing, there is a need for us”. 

The name comes from the Latin Dens Leonis; the French translation of which is dent de lion, meaning lion's teeth. 

For centuries this plant has been a hidden gem, often mistaken as a weed. They're also called pioneer plants or ruderals because they are the first plants to grow on land that has been disturbed. 

God made the dandelion with leaves that look like the sharp teeth of a lion. I’ve been inspired by nature and the blessings.  I hope you enjoy this piece.  There will be more meaningful nature and plant studies that follow this one. 


We have a few sizes to choose from, framed and unframed. All pieces come signed.