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Candice Alexander Art

Butterfly & Flower

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"Butterfly & Flower" painting was inspired by the COVID quarantine. During the time of isolation, Candice Alexander found herself searching for specimens at a bay in Mississippi.  This is an Eastern Swallowtail butterfly.

She found the perfect pieces of wood to begin a series of insect and animal paintings on wood blocks. She carried the inspiration home and has since created more than 5 original pieces in the series. 

The butterfly is a deep and powerful representation of life. They are believed to represent our souls as a symbol of resurrection. Many cultures believe that the butterfly represents endurance, change, hope and life. 

When one crosses your path it is a sign that you should embrace all changes that are about to come into your life. They are a sign of happiness and blessings that will follow you in your future. 

The metamorphosis or transformation that a butterfly undergoes is similar to the spiritual transformation we undergo as we breakthrough difficult situations in our own lives. 

The deep symbolism resonates with the artist because of her love of nature, earth and insects. During the time of isolation, it was important for Candice to embrace the inevitable transformation of life, art and business. Creating this series was her way of ushering in the next phase of her evolution as an artist. 


The Description Comes With Every Piece. 

Electrocuted or Louisiana Cypress frames available. 

This design is customizable and available on any size canvas or print, signed by the artist. 

Custom or Larger Sizes Available Upon Request: Contact or call 337-433-2299