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Candice Alexander Art

Limited Edition 2021 Revel Poster of 100

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Red River Revel Arts Festival October 2 -10, 2021 

The Revel Poster is a design by Candice Alexander representing the Red River Revel Art Show in Shreveport, Louisiana with a landscape background complete with festival and city skyline with a central fleur decorated with elements of the festivities. 

One of a kind framing options available. 

This design is available on coasters, keychains, mugs, oven mitts, pot holders, license plates, phone cases, cutting boards, ornaments and more. Contact or call 337-433-2299

The Red River Revel Arts Festival is nine-day festival that attracts more than 80,000 people annually to honor the history and culture of visual and performing arts.  The goal is to provide the general populace a 'Celebration of the Arts' that brings the finest in visual and performing arts experiences to our area. The Revel is designed to be primarily educational in nature, entirely non-commercial, non-political, non-partisan and non-sectarian. They strive to deliver and amazing week of art and music education and entertainment for kids, teens and adults to enjoy. 

The Red River Revel Arts Festival is administered by a Governing Board of 21 members representing the sponsors and the general community; it is facilitated by an Executive Director, a Festival Production Committee of 9, and 250 volunteer Chairmen.

Additionally, 2,500 community volunteers help implement the festival.  The Revel features fine arts, food booths run by non-profit organizations, arts education programs, exhibits, and music and performing arts programs on multiple outdoor stages.