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Candice Alexander Art

2020 Official SWLA Mardi Gras Poster

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Candice Alexander, Louisiana Artist, has created Southwest Louisiana’s Official Mardi Gras Poster for 3 consecutive years. The 2020 Official Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Poster is one of the most significant posters to date. In the poster you will find history, tradition and South Louisiana culture tied together in a timeless piece of art. 

The poster is set in Downtown Lake Charles, La. In the background you can see one of Lake Charles most historic buildings, The Charleston Hotel. This building was the first skyscraper in The Lake Area. It is the current commercial residence of the artist’s studio and gallery. 

Alexander’s history in downtown Lake Charles is significant to the success of her career. First working from the Central School on Kirby St for 10 years, Alexander moved her operation to the heart of the Downtown Area in 2012 as The City and local leaders started the initiative of revitalizing the area. By moving into the Historic Charleston Hotel, Alexander’s success as an artist grew exponentially and her fame shined a light on the area’s art culture. 

Accordingly, just in front of the Charleston Hotel, you will find the building where The 1910 Restaurant currently resides. The presence of this building was meant to signify the historic fire of 1910 that destroyed much of Downtown Lake Charles. After the massive destruction, Lake Charles officials made major changes in business policy and initiatives. These changes opened doors for the economic diversity that we enjoy today. 

These buildings are not only significant to The Lake Area’s history, but also it’s present state as a thriving economic area in Southwest Louisiana. The recent revitalization of these buildings energized the area and created an economic surge to Downtown Lake Charles where many business thrive today. 

Accordingly, The focal point of the piece is a fun loving woman enjoying a cold lager because the people of southern Louisiana pride themselves on their down-home, “laissez les bon temps rouler” (let the good times roll) attitudes. 

You will find that the woman is adorning a traditional Mardi Gras mask. The mask is the local Crying Eagle Brewery logo. The significance leads back to the most indigenous and  primitive Indian tribe in the area, Atakapa or Ishak Indians. Crying Eagle was the name given to it’s chief. 

It is translated to Calcasieu. This name was given to the significant river that divides the east and the west and the parish itself. Alexander’s desire is to bring attention to all aspects of history, which built the lake area, draws a bridge between the old and the new as Crying Eagle has just recently announced its move to the Calcasieu River Walk with Mayor Nic Hunter’s initiative to create a thriving destination for those coming to enjoy all that the Lake Area has to offer. 

You will find that the woman in the poster is casually resting near the Pistols on the walkway of the I10 Calcasieu River Bridge . The pistols on the bridge are famous for their historic significance, with the infamous pirate of the Lake Area, Jean Lafitte. 

The bridge is significant to Alexander, because she began her master mold making when she replicated the Jean Lafitte Pistols. This project garnered state wide attention and solidified Alexander as the Citizen of Humanities in Lake Charles with her effort in preserving the regions history with timeless art work. 

All in All, The 2020 Southwest Louisiana Official Mardi Gras Poster celebrates the Lake Area’s Wholesome Mardi Gras Traditions, all while tying in the history of Downtown Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish. The poster shines a light on the future economic revitalization taking place now and the history that brought us here. 

In the 3D Original you will find Mayor Nic Hunter, Katherine Vidrine with Steamboat Bills, Buffi’s Peauxboys, Candice Alexander, Renaitre Medical Aesthetic, Attorney Ron Richard, and Meghan Peterson with Nola Lending.

The first annual Mardi Gras Kickoff & Poster Reveal Party is brought to you by:

Candice Alexander

Crying Eagle Brewing Company

Renaitre Medical Aesthetic

Attorney Ron Richard

NOLA Lending Group

Steamboat Bills

Buffis Peauxboys

Grand Rental Station

Mardi Gras of Southwest LA

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