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Local Artists bring Hope, Faith & Love to SWLA through Historic Hurricane Artwork

Candice Alexander, one of Louisiana’s most collected artists and SWLA native, was hit hard by Hurricane Laura. The emotional toll of seeing 20 
Years of her work strewn across the streets of downtown Lake Charles led her to a near breaking point.

She was discouraged, traumatized and broken. As she was looking for answers she turned to her art for clarity.

During clean up, Alexander shared her raw emotions and devastation with her friends and fans on social media.

She was on the floor, “You can smell the trees. The world has to see this.” Her mission was to bring light to the suffering the city had endured. Her social media following grew exponentially as she vulnerably laid her heart out for the world to see.

In order to heal, Alexander took to her art to create a piece that would commemorate the destruction we faced.

Once her commemorative art painting was complete, she called on her partner, Paige Vidrine, multi passionate entrepreneur and author, to add the finishing touches.

Paige created a poem with the goal of bringing hope to a broken community. Part of the proceeds of the piece go towards helping their long time friend, Rodney, get water and electricity on his land locked property.

Little did they know that their work would sell over 500 prints in a matter of days and leaders throughout the State would reach out to help Rodney get into a new home, still in progress.

The first piece, “Hope”, inspired the artist to create a connecting piece that would follow the journey of recovery for the city.

“Faith” was born. Once released, “Faith” garnered similar overwhelming support.

Lastly, the artists wanted to finish the series with a piece that would remind us of what’s most important. “Love”, the 3rd painting the Limited Edition Commemorative Hurricane Series was born.

Part of the proceeds for “Love” are being donated to the drive by Christmas Event held at the Civic Center on December 20,2020 from 4:30-7:30pm. Families will be driving through winter wonderland and each child will receive a toy.

It’s a simple reminder of the love we have for our community.

Alexander has been a staple in SWLA for 20 years, most well known for her famous Fleur de Lis Paintings. Through pain and perseverance her work took on a life of its own with the 2020 Limited Edition Commemorative Hurricane Series.

The three pieces show an evolution of our hearts as we moved through our journey to recovery. Each piece offers a little more clarity and guidance. It’s a progression to peace and a reminder that the love we have for one another and for our community is the driving force that will bring SWLA back to life.

Check out the ground breaking series online at or in store at Candice Alexander Art Studio at 900 Ryan St. Lake Charles, La.

Click the link below for more details and descriptions of the piece


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