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Candice Alexander Art Studio

Justice for Wobbles

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Be the Voice. My sweet kitty, Wobbles, was killed at an animal shelter because he had cerebellar hypoplasia.  He was taken from our home, and in less than 3 hours he was euthanized without given the opportunity to see a vet.

Here in Calcasieu Parish, we need to get with the HUMANE program like the rest of our state of Louisiana.  NO KILL SHELTER!  However, here in Lake Charles, LA - we have a KILL SHELTER that needs to be transformed.  In Wobbles’ experience, he was assumed to be hurt or hit by a car.  He was listed as severely injured or ill without a voice to speak for him (aka a VET).  His records only led to more questions.  Not a single licensed vet examined him and in less than 3 hours he was killed bc of negligence, carelessness and lack of compassion.  I was his mom, and I am now his voice.  We hope no animal parent has to go through this heartbreak and suffering.  If we can help ONE person's companion avoid this from every happening again- then we have accomplished our goal— to educate, reestablish compassion, and promote transparency between the shelter and the public.

This is a non-deductible Gift for Awareness for Justice for Wobbles. 100% of the gift will be used to promote awareness.