Oyster Combo




This Shrimp piece is embellished with glass glitter and acrylic paint.

Shellfish lovers everywhere–particularly in the southeastern United States–speak highly of the Gulf of Mexico oyster. The oyster, along with the crawfish, ranks high among the symbols of the Gulf Coast region’s famous seafood. Fans of the Gulf oyster love its taste so much and are so particular about its preparation that they have revolted–successfully–against government efforts to alter the processing procedure.

You can find a picture of all frames on home page titled “Frames” and also on the right side bar on every page. Each frame can be matched to the exact size of print or canvas!

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This print is available in the following styles and sizes:

8×10 print: $49.99
14×18 print: $99.99
16×20 print: $139.99
18×24 print: $189.99
11×14 canvas print: $159.99
16×20 canvas print: $249.99
18×24 canvas print: $324.99
24×36 canvas print: $599.99
36×48 canvas print: $899.99

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