Cooking from Scratch on Debbie’s Back Porch Print (Artist Proof)


In Memory Of is a memorial Fleur De Lis celebrating the beauty of life.



Sustainable Gardening, Farming, Seed Saving, Swapping and Homesteading. When I was growing up in rural Georgia, the front porch was the place for visiting with friends, neighbors and family on Sunday afternoons. The back porch was for working: snapping beans, shelling peas, laundry, whatever was needed to sustain life. I learned many of my most valuable life lessons on the back porch. This group is intended to be a place for collective wisdom shared in the process of our work growing our food in a sustainable way. Everything pertaining to that work is welcome: growing advice, harvesting, preserving, recipes, books that you think will be helpful, victories, problems and lessons learned. Of course, please take all the time you want to brag about your beautiful gardens, and post photos, because I plan to.

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