I’ve somewhat always considered myself a draftsman in the art world. I learned the term in printmaking and carving on copper. I like to draw. But I also like to assemble and apply paint to connect the two. After all these years I have finally stumbled upon a medium where I can draw while still painting , where the paint medium finally keeps up with the drafting of the hand. Finally. Minor breakthrough. I will be carrying these paints in the studio soon. They are better than ANY brush , paint pen , marker… Almost like paint in a syringe. I designed the underside of my tables with strips of carpet…so that when i use my fingers to move the medium, i can simply swipe the carpet and keep moving…


Im really not much of a materialistic person.  I’ve lived in tents, parking lots, and struggled with the rest of them.   In 2005, with pennies to my name…while I lived the gypsy life traveling Renaissance Faires from New York to Florida and back to Pennsylvania…I realized something.   Even back then, as i write this- i realized i had growing pains.  I drove a small dodge caravan.  i remember the day I decided to trade it in…the thing literally died pulling into the dealership.  So, I traded her in… I found a new friend, and even though some of you may laugh or it may seem materialistic…I found it in a van…a van I called “van go”.  I remember crying the day I bought it…because the side mirrors were So damn big, and I could barely see over the steering wheel.  That was in Tampa, FL.   A partner that NEVER not one time let me down…pulled loads of art work to and from, and with good intention to never leave me stranded.  Van go, a V8 Horse…. stayed with me for nearly 10 years hauling a good 100,000 miles to art shows across the country.  Hard miles I tell ya!      For the last month, Ive searched and searched hundreds of options for vehicles.  vans, trucks, blah blah…what a nightmare.   Last week I had the intentions of buying a suburban.  Something didn’t feel right however…how could I get rid of Van Go for a suburban. How dare I down scale with space~   I slowly realized it was because I really needed and wanted another Van Go.  Why?   Because its a beast with power, Its a truck, and its a comfort ride for the team and I when we go to shows.   So as the growing pains approached, and Van Go broke down on the side of the interstate a few weeks ago…I believe then ….was the moment I realized more growing pains.  Tomorrow I drive her for the last time…and i have no idea why i have somewhat of a heavy chest…as I organize,  sort through and box up years of little memories left in the van.  Until then, hopefully the growing pains are over…at least in Beast mode. !




I am inspired by the many things we are offered in this life…and  many people who cross our paths.    Im not sure why things happen for the good, and the ugly…and Im not really sure how to further explain what I’m really trying to say. .  But I know one thing-  Im lucky to realize we have all been blessed, there is always something we love and there is always something to make happen, that for one time0 can change someones life.   -to make ideas come to fruition in something alive. something that connects people through the most important thing- art.    Im not really sure what to compare that feeling of gratefulness and humbleness to-unless its that place i always go back to when I’m alone.  The rewards in the voices in the silence.   We all hold what we see in our hands.   We all see great things and are all introduced with many great blessings in life.   The happiness however comes in the eyes of those who also know those words.   Those who not only believe but also listen.    There are no mistakes in this life we have been given, however great or hard they may be in the present.  We all have a course.   But we also have choices to make. Those choices come to us, the magic happens when we actually listen to what we are supposed to be doing…when we let go and hang on for the ride.


i sit in my studio some nights knowing that I should document through many sources with my hands. thats the moments of pure creation, and chances are that I am always doing . Painting, writing, printing, collecting…something. Always Moving.   There are so many beautiful things in this world, but there are other circumstances in life when I just don’t understand things. Like why does it seem like people have forgotten how to do things. How to work or urgency to be more awake… OR is there is simply lack of etiquette or ethic sometimes.   I try to continue to work and change peoples lives, or do the right thing…I wander where our food comes from and don’t like a lot of what I am seeing in this world, however I continue to have faith in man. but almost daily I am continued to be surprised especially when I get out into the public, and have to interact with folks. Or make an exchange of service or business…or communication. Maybe its just my patience. Customer service, lately, or lack of- inspires me to grow my business more locally…to lift up local. Not have employees playing on Facebook At work.   Things trip me up like that, sometimes. Its foreign i feel.  I wander about our next president or when will gas stop choking us. I wonder why cannabis is still such a hidden thing. I wander why we’ve forgotten things, it seems.I wander why Wal Mart owns so much land and is now closing stores. I tend to stay away from Television but sometimes give in to medias guilt trip. I see so many folks sick and dying, hell the ones hungry we don’t even see on Facebook . We can choose some things in Life. But not what is already is.   I wander and give thanks for my life. But somewhere in the sense that it ALL makes because through God all things are possible, I still get tripped.

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